Week 6: Monday, Fish tails

This is the first day of fish week and I was up with a big fish lecture. Categories of fin fish, fish issues, aquaculture, fishing practices, sustainability etc. A huge topic. On Friday of the previous week we had a representative come in from Seattle Seafood in Denver (our fish distributor) to do a fish tasting. I felt that it was a pretty weak effort on his part and he told the students that the only fish that are being over fished are Bluefin Tuna.  I guess that you have to sell fish to believe that.

The menu for the day was Leek soup with salmon mousseline.  A thin but flavorful leek broth with nicely poached salmon quenelles.  Our new admissions representative, Marisa,  joined GM for the day to get a better feel for our program.


Hot line was responsible for putting together the Sole en Papillote.   First we had real Dover Sole (often Flounder when you go to Safeway) and Chef Dale demoed how you can pull the whole skin off in one go.

We assembled all the elements that went into the papillote.


And then 7 minutes at 500° and voila:


We served it with a little saffron Beurre Fondu (which means melted butter) which one of my students took quite literally. I was looking for an emulsion.  We made another one in plenty of time. The meal was paired with a muscadet sur lie from the Loire valley

The meal ended with a beautifully cooked Crème caramel, even though the caramel could have been taken a little further and allowed another day to further dissolve the caramel.



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