Week 5: Friday

With my sickness taking its toll all week, it was tough to harness the last bit of energy to make it through. But I did.
The menu for today was Oeufs en Meurette. Poached egg atop of red wine mirepoix broth. The acidity in the pinot noir acts as a good foil for the richness of the egg yolk. As in past poached egg shots, I took a picture of the egg before and after I broke the yolk.

This was followed by poulet grandmère a braised dish of poached cabbage leaves stuffed with chicken, panade, chicken livers, beet greens and livers on a bed of butternut squash gratin. A nice dish though the cabbage leaves could have been blanched longer.


After a palate cleansing dessert of three sorbets we broke down the kitchen and prepared for the evening event of Taste 5. The second Friday of each month we do an event that pairs 5 different Taste (dishes) with five different wines. The person responsible for determining the menu rotates among the chefs. On this night it was Chef Cindy. I worked on as much of the dish as I could during the day, so that I could throw in the towel on the week as soon as I finished with assembly. My dish was a trio (mélange à trois) of shellfish topped with a mignonette sauce. It was supposed to be topped with a little Prosecco, but when we tried that it tasted atrocious (very bitter and full of iodine). So we made the substitution.

Sometimes dishes sound better on paper than in the mouth.



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