Week 5: Wednesday, great bowls of mayo

The focus of today’s lecture and hands on assignment was cold emulsions. Specifically Mayonnaise and its derivatives. After everyone had whisked their batches of mayo, we got started with putting up the buffet.  On GM they put together a nice earthy mushroom soup taken from the Creator of Cuisine Minceur or spa cuisine (Michel Guerard) where I spent a month working back in 1989. His restaurant and health spa is located in the small town of Eugenie les Bains (pop. 350). The property is exquisite and has a thermal water spa included. You can actually get a prescription by a French doctor to go on a Rheumatism “Cure” there and be fed Michel’s Cuisine Minceur as part of the prescription.  He had an amazing tended herb garden and the gardener would bring me baskets of freshly picked herbs that I diligently tied into herb bouquets that ended up on each plate.  I have many other memories from my thyme there but I will have to include them in another post.

Anyway, the soup:


I was still struggling on this day though our group was starting to become a little more cohesive. We deboned two salmons and cut one into 2 oz Darnes. I took the salmon scraps and made a quick mousseline that we added herbs to and leftover spinach. We then tied the Darnes into medaillons and poached them very lightly and held them at a denaturing temperature of 125º. I showed my students how to use the Japanese turning slicer to get long continuous strands of carrot to garnish our asparagus plates and other little platter garnishing techniques. We put together a potato salad and GM put together a roasted beet salad.


We finished the meal with a classic pear Bordaloue tart. Pastry chose to make a rectangular tart as opposed to the more classical round version. Nicely executed dessert.



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