Week 5: Tuesday, beef grenades

On this day I came up to give a powerpoint presentation that I had been working on for a few weeks on the history of cuisine. I provided pictures of each of the main players over the course of the last 200 years culminating in few pictures of the students as the next generation of culinary stars. It was fun to do even though I was starting to come down with the cold that lasted the rest of the week. I slightly overstepped my time allotment and we had to forgo the tenderloin demo.It’s hard to do anything when you are under the weather and even harder to be on top of your game. Top that off with being with a new crew and the day is bound to have a few challenges.The menu for this day was Artichoke Soup.
The soup was little acidic and coarse, but once again my taste buds were not really at peak performance. We followed that dish with the Grenadins of beef tenderloin and gnocchi à la Parisienne. We had some baby carrots in the walk-in so I decided to use them as an extra element. Overall this dish was a big challenge on the first day that the students take control of a new kitchen as it requires each to sauté 3 – 4 orders. I will have to figure out a better more expedient method the next time this menu comes up. The students performed admirably nonetheless.
The gnocchi were a little dry and I would have really doused them in gorgonzola béchamel with extra cream had I known. We paired this meal with a Chianti Classico by Bibbiano.
Pastry is on bread baking overdrive and is producing a huge array of breads each day. This was a bad week of trying to keep up on pictures of our daily desserts. I’m sure that some of my students who have been actively snapping photos will share some with me and I will paste them at a later date. Today we had fresh fruit tarts. Very nice thin crusts though a little tough.

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