Week 4: Wednesday: Let them eat cake

Today was devoted to finishing the cakes that were started on Tuesday. I went to my son’s school for his show & tell. The subject: guess what the parent does for a living. I brought props that could give hints of my profession. All the kids could come up with was that I was a baker. A very cute session. I brought Fleur de Sel (we call it magic dust at our house) and told them how it was made.Meanwhile at the school a last minute filming of a live human interest segment was being filmed by channel 2. Chef Dale had to go to the school to let the film crew in at 5:30 am. When I got to school at around 9:30, the students were visibly disturbed by the intrusion of the film crew into their routine. Anyway, the students finished doing their cakes at around 11 am and we got to work. I was a little panicked because I felt that we had a narrow window to put in the lamb. Artichokes were on the stove when I arrived in class so we still had to finish prepping those. I demoed de-boning the lamb, we applied our rub trussed it and got it in the combi at 375º. Way higher than I would have liked after searing, but I was concerned that we would be pinched for time. Wrong. The combi is a powerhorse and tons faster than a conventional oven. GM worked on a wonderful shrimp and fennel soup. A lot of what we cook is very Provençale.

Flavors I can completely relate to.img_0149.jpg

We cleaned the artichokes and cut them into quarters. We braised them with a mirepoix, some lemons, prosciutto and pancetta.img_0150.jpgThe finished dish with lamb, polenta, artichokes a la romana and a perfectly reduced lamb sauce.img_0151.jpg

I had Ricardo put together some sage chips to complement the herb rub on the lamb.And finally Chef Lexie did Justice to all the cakes the students put together. They put together a fine presentation of buttercream laden cakes. She said this group used more buttercream than any previous group. As Fernand Point said “butter, give me more butter”img_0153.jpg


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