Week 4, Tuesday: Cake extravaganza

The theme for the day is cake baking, buttercreams and cake construction. So we were serenaded to the high pitch sounds of Kitchen Aid mixers whipping egg yolks and sugar to ribbon stage. Making genoise is tricky and buttercream is also to be approached with knowledge and an hommage to St. Honoré the patron Saint of pastry chefs. Anyway on days like these the remaining two chefs or mostly me “the new guy” are responsible for making the meal. Now, I have to admit that as Director of Professional Programs at CSR, I did not have too much opportunity to cook for the students and I am quite enjoying getting the chance to do it now.That being said Chef Dale and his group in GM already helped me out considerably by setting up most of my Mise en Place. So I put together a little antipasto plate of roasted peppers , italian marinated anchovies (to die for),Grana and toasted chopped almonds.img_0141.jpg
After I made a spinach soup, with the brodo that Chef Dale made, some rinds of Parmigiano Regianno in cheese cloth and milk. Right at the last moment I added about 2 lbs of spinach chiffonade. A time consuming soup, but filled with Umami.img_0142.jpgimg_0144.jpg
I of course had to top it with some Frico left over from the previous day.For the main course we assembled a Fonduta: Pan fried polenta circles, topped with slices of black forest ham, poached eggs, balsamella (made by Chef Dale and GM) and garnished with a julienne of prosciutto and chives. Paired with a fruity Moscato d’Asti. Deliciosa!!!img_0145.jpg
We ended our meal with an assortment of Italian cheeses brought to us by the Truffle. This was paired with a Vin Santo from Tuscany.

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