Week 3, Friday: Braise, broth and Marjie

We finish off the week with a nice menu that highlights knife skills that Garde Manger is trying to instill and a wonderful braise that started the day before. We finished with the Fernand Point Classic dessert from La Pyramide: Marjolaine.img_0123.jpg
First the knife skills that went into the nice clear broth that Garde Manger (GM from now on) put together.
Then the resulting soup. Very clean flavors and a tonic to prepare us for the ample dish that followed.
Osso Bucco is usually a dish made using veal, but we made it using pork shank cut in 2″ slices instead. The day prior we tied it, seasoned it, dredged it in flour and seared it. We caramelized mirepoix and garlic and deglazed it with white wine. We put all the osso in a hotel pan covered it with the mirepoix and topped it with chicken stock. We covered it and put into our super duper combi oven at 170° with 80% humidity for the following 24 hrs. The following day we strained off some of the braising liquid and built a very flavorful sauce from it. We made a classic gremolata of parsley, garlic and lemon zest and fried some tomato skin to top the dish with. It was beautifully tender and very flavorful. I LOVE TO BRAISE.We finished our meal with Marjolaine, which is a daquoise (baked French meringue with addition of ground almonds and hazelnut) layered with different flavored buttercreams and chocolate ganache. Hard to eat more than one slice of this decadent dessert. BUT IT IS GOOD!!!!!
We paired the meal with a Côte du Rhône Cairanne by Santa Duc. Worked great with the Osso, but overpowered the subtle soup.
After we critiqued the meal and the students were cleaning up the instructors went into the connected cafe area, where the celebration luncheon was set up for the graduating group that had just finished the wine portion of the program and had previously finished the culinary program with us in December.  Chef Dale opened a bottle of champagne Jacquesson (Napoléons favorite).  Chef Dale opened it sitting down and we joked that he would always be contacted to do the honors even if he had to do it in a wheelchair.
The tradition is that all the graduating students sign the bottle and it goes up on a special wall. The students felt bittersweet about graduating and most were very excited to be leaving in 7 days for Piedmont and then Paris to cook. I was so full, I couldn’t even taste any of the meal prepared by Marissa a former student and the student’s guide on the European excursion.
The end to another great week!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun!

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