Week 3 Day 4: Alsace

and Today at Cook Street we dance! Ya vol, sneil, bitter. I have to get into character whenever we have a theme day and this day I know used to be a special one for Chef Dale, who has strong germanic roots. We had a blast. My group is like an improv class. The students are all taking on italian nicknames. We have Ricardo, Thomasino and Meghania and Mixmaster J. working the pots.
Ze menu for ze day:Garden greens soup mit mustard creamJagerschnitzel, spaetzle unt braised cabbage. Ya we serve it also with the jagers sauce, which is a mushroom veal sauce. No unt we do not use Jagermeister. Though both have hunter in the name.
Unt Flourless chocolate cake or deconstructed Schwartz Forest cake like my cousin Heinz used to make in Frieburg.img_0117.jpgimg_0119.jpgimg_0120.jpgimg_0116.jpgGewurztraminer from Alsace provided the perfect foil for the rich and slightly spicy (not hot) Germanic influenced meal. All was wunderba. Sorry for my non existent German spelling. Any of my German speaking friend should feel free to provide editing.

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